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Lithographs vs Giclee vs Posters

Lithographs and Serigraphs

Our lithographs and serigraphs are our most exclusive products.  They are from the original print run by the artist, printed on fine papers in very limited runs.

Lithographs are made by drawing on a piece of stone and then treating the stone, through a multi-step process, to make ink stick to the portions where the artist drew and repel ink from the other portions. The Museum of Modern Art produced a video that explains the lithographic process and its expressive advantages for artists. This second video gives a more in-depth explanation of the process of printing a lithograph.

Serigraphs are fine art silk screens. The artist makes a stencil for each color in the image. Each color is then printed one after the other. The National Gallery of Canada produced this page explaining the serigraphy process.

Because of the time and effort involved in printing a run of lithographs or serigraphs, we offer a limited, curated set of of pieces at a given time.

Giclee Prints

Our giclee prints are archival-quality fine art reproductions of original work overseen by the artist. Giclee prints are often displayed in museums and provide a faithful reproduction down to the finest pencil stroke. This process also allows us to offer a larger selection of Manuel Bennett's art, and at more accessible prices.


We have a limited number of posters printed to commemorate exhibitions of Manuel Bennett's art. These posters are the most affordable way to own a piece of the artist's work.